Want to buy using eBay?

Some knife customers prefer the safety and feedback of using the eBay system. The feedback system does indeed let a potential customer view the track record that a seller has maintained.

Since I am a eBay seller and have been for some time, I am aware that many customers are not aware that they are paying for the eBay service and don't even know it. Because of the commission that eBay charges, the seller has to mark up the item to cover the commission that eBay collects--along with their insertion fees. To further make things more expensive, eBay almost requires a buyer to use Paypal to pay for the goods. Paypal is also owned by eBay, so they get a double cut of the selling price as well as the shipping and even the taxes when collected.

Many of my customers are aware of these fees and make an initial purchase from me using eBay, but then come back to me directly because I can offer a better price. Other buyers feel more comfortable by having the feedback and the eBay protection if they are unhappy with a purchase.

So, the bottom line is is you want to purchase knives from me and want the best price--along with the same service, then buy direct. If you want the eBay protection, then I am happy to sell to you through the eBay handle of cowboy2glm. If you want to buy direct, then contact me at

Louis Murphy
PO Box 1835
Friendswood, TX 77549
email me at cowboy2glm@yahoo.com


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