Forschner/Victorinox Knives made in Switzerland

R.H. Forschner has been selling knives in the US to culinary professionals, meat packing plants, and other large users of cutlery for over 100 years. The cutlery is made by Victorinox from Switzerland. It appears that since the Victorinox name is well know because of the origianl Swiss Army knife and because it would reduce the advertising budget, the Forschner name is being dropped, even though the knives will still be the same.

There are several grades of the cutlery that are available, but most customers prefer the commerical grade because they are good quality and reasonably priced. Most of the larger knives have fibrox synthetic handles, and for years, most of them were black. Only recently, various colors have been introduced including white handles for institutions like hospitals and nursing homes. Many of the larger knives have the US model number on the blade, but some only have the Swiss model number. Some have both.

Many of the larger knives have an emblem on the blade which is called a Victorinox Eagle Crest. It is a circular pattern with an eagle in the center landing on the Victorinox label. On the bottom side of the figure, there is either a "Swiss Made" or "Quality Controlled" if not Swiss made but made to the Victorinox standards.

Many of the smaller knives have synthetic polypropylene handles. These knives only have the Swiss made on the handle and do not have a model number on them. All the knives have the same warranty. [If there is a problem with one of their products, customer are to call the Consumer Department at 800-442-2706.]

In the many years that I have been selling their product, I've only had one knife returned. The customer was using the knife as a screw driver and broke it. The knife was replaced without any questions being asked.

Since there are so many items that are available from Victorinox in the cutlery line, deciding what to show becomes a challenge. at some later time, plans are to try to list some of the most popular items.

Another option for getting these products is to take a look at what I sell on ebay under the handle cowboy2glm. There is usually something between 50 and 75 of the Victorinox items listed, most are listed under the Forschner name, since it is well known. Buying there is a little more expensive that if you buy direct because someone has to pay the ebay commission. To find an item there, you can do a search on the ebay site with forschnr and the model number to find a specific knife.

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