What She wants you to know

The following notes were taken during a Sunday morning service at the Friendswood Community Church in Friendswood, TX on January 22, 2012. As they are notes, they may not be exactly as spoken. CDs of the actual service are available from the church.

She longs to feel valued and appreciated

--Thank her for small things, clean house, clothes, dinner ready for you, etc

--She never gets an apprasial or promotion; Her work never ends

--Do something special for her, flowers, a note, candy

--Help her around the house

Her desire for romance NEVER ends

--A note, txt, phone call, flowers, holding hands in public

--Anniversities and Birthdays are big events; DON'T forget them

--Try for a Date a week, might be the only time together alone

--Have both plan the date nights; try things together

--Her man is the only one to fill her romantic needs

--Ask her what she considers to be romantic

She does not want you to "fix" her problems

--Real problem may be her feelings about problem;wants understanding rather than a fix

--Many times, she wants to talk about them; just listen

--Other times she does want them fixed, i.e. her car won't start

--Man's approach is to fix and move to the next problem; but women are different

--Ask her if you are supposed to fix or just listen

Physical intimacy is tied to all aspects of the relationship

--Designed by God for marraige

--Emotional connection must occur before physical intimacy

--Helping with the chores

--Non-Sexual touching, i.e. holding hands in public

--Good sex starts before and outside the bedroom

She wants your eyes to be ONLY for her

--Only her you gaze at

--If you look elsewhere, the message is she doesn't measure up - Math 5:27-29

--If looking at another woman, only from the neck up

--Build friendships with males only; Couple are OK

--Open access to email, txt, and phone

She is highly relational

--Men are conquers; Women are connectors

--Women speak 3 times as much as men

--Men, save something after a long day for the wife

--Have a time reserved to spend with just her after a long day

--Woman should have a good female friend who she can communicate with

She wants you to be a servant leader

--Man should love his wife and pour himself out for her as in Eph Chapter 5

--Before making a decision; seek and value her opinion

--If she knows more than you, then use it

--When you can, go with her choice

--If it is something where there isn't a clear choice, go with her view

Copyright 2012 G. Louis Murphy